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Increase Sales & Charge Premium While Spending Less Time In Developing Your Next Mobile Apps...

That's Drag & Drop App Builder Toolkit

Easy to use Drag & Drop App Builder Toolkit that will save 90 percent of your time with ready made features that can be customized to your client needs and help you turn one customer into 7 or more customers per week.

AMB Drag & Drop App Builder Toolkit

AMB Drag & Drop App Builder Toolkit is for you if you want:

✅ To take advantage of this boosting app industry without wasting time learning new codes & get lots of clients.

✅ To explore 242 Drag & Drop features you can build any apps you can imagine because there is a feature for almost everything.

✅ To serve 7 or more clients a week and charge premium prices.

✅ To create mobile apps without wasting time learning new codes.

✅ To service clients that wants you to do everything but don’t want to pay you lots of money.

✅ To produce a working app faster for client approval due to demanding clients & stiff competitions.

✅ To have the ability to shortcut 90% of the app development process by leveraging any of the 242 features that exist.

✅ To have a cross-platform app builder that run on multiple operating systems, with the speed of hybrid development.

✅ Have Unlimited Access to AMB Mobile App Builder Without Coding CMS Platform.

✅ Have Unlimited Access to AMB Academy for Videos & Manuals.

✅ Have Unlimited “Smooth-Action & Unlimited Support. 

✅ To still be able to create new pages & modify look & feels in the app by using HTML, CSS, PHP, Java if you wish to do so (although you don’t need this at all).

✅ To create the perfect Mobile App fast & easy | low cost & save time. Pick a design and start building your app today…

Total Value: $ 997 

$97! Today $37!

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Total Value: $644 Today for Free!

✅  Bonus #1: 
Irresistible 7 Apps Development Step by Step – Made Easy ($297 Value)

✅  Bonus #2 :
Quick Tips on Creating Mobile Apps That Will Delivers Downloads ($197 Value)

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Secrets to do Fast Descriptions ($47 Value)

✅  Bonus #4 :
Design Hacking for Your Mobile Apps ($103 Value)

Meet Your Coach Kartina Abdul Ghani

Kartina Abdul Ghani has helped 4000+ experts and entrepreneurs get more customers


Alawiyah Abdul Rahman Business Owner

Ali Yahaya Aljahsyi
Thinking Channel Network CEO

Wan Nur Syafiq
Zenpro Sdn Bhd Designer

"Hello! Wanna share good news with everyone. I just close a deal to write and app for $16k today. Plus 1-year maintenance. So grateful. I thank everyone for all the support especially to our Sifu Master Kartina."

"Even-though I am an IT savvy person, I adore the simplicity and the ease of use of the AMB Server to develop mobile applications. Whatever amount that I have invested in adopting this simplicity has been fully recovered with the knowledge that I have gained and my own business mobile app."

"I managed to learn lots of new thing about building an apps. Kartina is very knowledgeable. She also shares tips, trick and many other tools to make application building much more easy. This is priceless knowledge 😀😀😀"

Wendy Song

Victor Wan
Wan Plus Enterprise Freelancer

Clara Pat Ro
Website Developer

"Speed is top notch. Love it ! Great solution in apps development with this new server. Thanks for all the effort, Kartina !"

"This server platform is the best platform and fastest way to build mobile apps without any coding experience needed.

There are many features available can be used to build mobile apps and easy to use and follow as well."

"It’s so easy to use this app builder as we don’t need a prior coding knowledge. The best part is we can access the app builder anywhere and anytime as long as you have an internet connection and a laptop."

Muhamad Saiful Azwan Ismail DHL System Analyst

Mohd Ezwan Elias Sufa
Global Resources Business Owner

Ahmad Azhar Mohamed Kechik
Commissioner For Oaths

"It is a recommended for those who want to expand their knowledge into Apps development. At the end of the program, you will have a complete apps setup by your own and publish it at playstore."

"Kartina is a really good Mobile App Trainer and her AMB platforms is really impressive. What ever mobile apps that you have in mind, most of the features is already there in the AMB platform. She teaches you from A – Z, until your app is ready to be published."

"A complete guide from scratch until launch, building mobile apps, with tips and advise, the do and the donts, in order to build an apps that will be on top demands. An awesome speaker, with smooth explanations yet easy to understand. This is a fully recommended for all."

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